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Who Called Us

The phone is ringing, and I don't recognize the number,
All Caller ID says is, "NAME UNAVAILABLE".
Please help me figure out who is calling and what they want

(786) 610-4426 27 minutes ago

Phoenix Az craigslist COUGAR.... Likes young men 18-22 y.o. she's 43.

(786) 610-4426 30 minutes ago

43 y.o. woman posting ads on phoenix craigslist casual encounters for men 18-22 for dating and casual sex.COUGAR.

(432) 214-2759 6 hours ago

Block them, just another thieves !!!

(607) 231-6431 8 hours ago

Was an automated call at first. I answered all the automated questions to get a person on the line and I asked the male to explain to me how to get his company to stop calling me and he gave me a bogus response and then hung up after I asked him to explain it again.

(844) 357-1140 8 hours ago

844-357-1140 Robo scam caller
Keeps calling one or two times every day (usually around 9 or 10am) for someone whose phone number was never ever mine. The digital voice robot claims the person it thinks it’s calling has a late tax payment issue with IRS (i.e. payment was not received). Then tries to get you to call another phone number that’s almost always busy. I know the person the this scammer asks for and that person told me the scammer has been harassing them for months. This person I know has called the police and filed complaints with the FTC, PA States Attorney, etc. and so far nothings been done to stop the calls.
I put this scammer's phone number on NoMoRobo's scam caller list weeks ago. Since then, I know when my phone rings once only, it's probably a scammer who's been blocked by NoMoRobo so I don't answer single ring phone calls anymore. Sometimes this scam caller still gets through (i.e. two rings or more).
Jail the Scammers & telcom co.s that let them do it!

Report your experience to the FTC online at or by calling 1-888-382-1222

(661) 220-0000 9 hours ago

Who is this

(314) 863-3330 10 hours ago

This is the market research company Pragmatic Research out of Clayton, MO. I've done focus groups through them before and been well paid for my time.

(817) 861-0937 10 hours ago

A woman with a foreign accent claimed to be from "Senior Benefits" I asked who she was and she repeated the same thing. I asked "What the hell is Senior Benefits?" and she responded "Shut up."

(360) 861-6048 10 hours ago


(360) 633-9505 10 hours ago

"Free" home security system. The message left on voice mail first said GE Security system. After "Press 1 to speak to an agent" there was a long pause, then the pitch started again but this time claimed it was an "OnStar Home Protection"